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Snips AIR is a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants. With this voice ecosystem you can now add a voice assistant to your entire home, while protecting your family’s privacy.

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Anyone can build voice apps that run on top of the Snips assistant. The apps can be deployed on Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS and Debian devices, and published on the Snips app store for anyone to use.

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Voice assistants are broken

  • They offer no privacy

    Sending conversations to the cloud means anyone could access your private life and that of your family.

  • They offer no security

    Centralizing a large amount of user data increases the risk of massive data breaches and mass surveillance.

  • They exploit developers

    Developers have no access to their users’ data, and are at the mercy of app stores than can kill their apps.

  • They exploit users

    Companies building assistants use and monetize their users’ data without giving them back.

Snips AIR solves this through decentralization

  • On-device Voice Processing

    Voice is processed locally on device, without any data going to the cloud.

  • Decentralized Machine Learning

    AI assistants are improved using encrypted federated learning.

  • Data Generation

    Users can earn token by providing “fake” training data.

  • Token Curated App Store

    Content of the app store is curated by the community.

On-Device Processing

  • 100% On-device

    Everything from the wake word to the ASR, NLU, and dialog runs locally on the device to which users speak. Snips can run on any hardware platform and most operating systems.

  • High Performance

    The Snips assistant resolves queries on a Raspberry Pi in less than 200 ms, using around 100 MB of memory, and with an accuracy as good or better than cloud-based assistants.

  • Modular

    Everything in Snips is modular and customizable: from the wake words to the ASR, NLU, dialog or TTS. You can run them together or individually on different devices.

  • Open Source

    Our NLU engine is already open source, and we are committed to open sourcing the rest of the platform in the near future.

AI meets Privacy

  • Encrypted Federated Learning

    Using a combination of Federated Learning, MPC and Secret Sharing, developers can improve their assistants with real user data, without any impact on privacy. Users get paid for contributing encrypted data, while devices called “clerks” get paid for processing the encrypted data. Anyone can be a clerk, including users via their Snips AIR devices. Good behavior is incentivized through staking and reputation.

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  • Decentralized Data Generation

    Users can stake to participate in data generation campaigns to help developers bootstrap their AI assistants. This “fake” usage data is used to train models before they are launched publicly.

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Token-Curated App Store

Just as smartphones have app stores, voice assistants have app stores. The Snips app store runs as a token-curated registry, meaning the community curates the apps and decides what is on the store. Developers, curators and users are incentivized to be honest via a combination of staking and token rewards.

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Distribution & Structure

The Snips token sale is open to anyone who can help us build our ecosystem: developers, users, ambassadors, hardware companies, and anyone else who believes our voices should stay private.4.8B tokens will be sold over time, which can be purchased using EUR, BTC, and ETH.

Buy 1 Token, Get 1 FreeLimited Sale Bonus: 100%
Price in EUR€ 0.026
Current Sale Supply1B
Bonus Lockup10 months
€ Equivalent13M

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About Snips

Created in 2013, Snips is an established company at an advanced development stage. We shipped multiple products, have an active community and a growing enterprise business. Our management team has been collaborating successfully for several years, and our team has over 60 people between Paris and New York. To date, we have raised €22M from international VCs.

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