Refer a Friend to the Token Sale

Share your referral URL and earn a commission on the tokens each referral requests.

  1. Purchase tokens to get started

  2. Share the unique referral URL that you received via email

  3. Earn tokens when your friend requests tokens using your URL. The more your referral requests, the more tokens you earn! *

For each euro or equivalent value your referral requests, you will earn 1 token.

Purchase Tokens

Spread the Word

Are you an influencer? Create engaging content on your social networks and earn tokens.

Share info about the Snips token sale with hashtag #SnipsToken and URL, and receive 200 tokens

  • You have at least 100 real followers
  • You follow Snips on the social network where your public post is shared
  • Your social media accounts are genuine

Like blogging? Write an article on Medium or and receive 1000 tokens

  • Your blog has at least 100 followers
  • Your blog article contains at least 500 words
  • You will get tokens based on the quality and popularity of your work, reviewed on a regular basis

Be creative! Produce a video about Snips token and receive 1000 tokens

  • You have at least 50 organic followers
  • Video is at least 1.5 minutes long
  • Your video caption includes links to the website and whitepaper

Organize meetups

  • If you have an idea for an event, please click the button below and select Organize Event
  • Think big and bold
  • You will earn tokens based on the merit and execution of your event

Invite a Developer

Earn 300 tokens for referring developers and makers who sign up to Snips.

  1. Invite developers with your unique referral link

  2. Your friend uses your unique referral link to create a Snips account

  3. You and your friend will both receive 300 tokens *

Your token balance will refresh when your friend validates their email and executes a voice or text query on their account.

Invite a Developer

Create a Voice App

Earn 1500 tokens for your best apps published to the Snips app store.

  1. Create a voice app with an action, and publish it on the Snips app store

  2. Earn 1500 tokens when your app reaches 10 downloads and a minimum rating of 3/5

  3. The more your published app is downloaded, the more you’ll continue to earn, based on your app’s downloads and rating*

Each app must contain an action and be unique in terms of actions.

Create a Voice App

All activities in accordance with the Snips Token Bounty Program are subject to review and any abuses will result in a disqualification and forfeiture of tokens. Read Official Rules